Am I Really A Christian (Part 2)

No Scales in Heaven

In the last blog, I talked about the misconceptions about judging. I pointed out that the prohibition against judgment in the Bible was talking hypocritical judgement. I hope you also discovered that, in certain circumstances, it is not only appropriate to make judgments, but commanded. I covered these things to lay a firm, Scriptural foundation for true Christianity.

Sin is not a popular word. It never has been. In recent years, sin and surrounding issues has been put on the backburner. Some churches have even adopted the policy of not talking about it. Yet, if sin does not exist, why is there a need for salvation. The truth is that sin is the heart of the problem and is the reason that people have been separated from God. That is what Christians mean when they say that we are “lost.” We are lost (no official relationship with God) because of sin.

The words used for

sin in Scripture means “to miss, or to fail to hit the mark,” and thus “to err from a rule or law.” One man correctly defined sin as “lack of conformity to the moral law of God, either in act, disposition or state.”


Am I Really A Christian?


I am a fan of social media (Facebook). I enjoy, for the most part, catching up with friends and learning what is going on in their lives. However, some posts concern me. I am not talking about political posts or even posts about social issues, but posts from people about their relationship with Jesus Christ (real or perceived).

Let me preface what I am about to say by heading off the inevitable criticism of being judgmental. We all know the adage based on Scripture: “Don’t judge!” Does that mean that no one can judge another person? Is that what the Bible is really saying? Let’s examine the issue.

The word that is translated “judge” in the Bible comes from several different words in the Old and New Testament. But there is a common, root meaning to each one of those words. It is the act of passing judgment on actions. I would say that true judgement is an opinion based on truth observed.


In Praise of Dignity

I have always had the belief that there exists a link between theology and dignity. Now for an old country boy to even entertain such a thought is almost in itself proof that the link does indeed exist. While the culture in which I was reared did not reach the highest levels of classical social refinement, it did accommodate those things which were respectable and dignified.

Today, I think that we would all agree that etiquette and things that relate to dignity and civility are dying a slow and painful death. However, I do not think that most people see the far reaching implications of letting these knights of the good and proper perish. Their death can be married to a whole host of modern day atrocities. So what do loose shirttails and crude behavior have to do with school shootings, postmodern moods and spiritual apathy? Much!


The Democratization of the Church

Polls, polls, polls. The media thrives on people’s opinions. But in the past few decades polling has experienced a rapid evolution. Polling is no longer research to track trends or beliefs for the sake of information; surveys now seem to dictate policy and beliefs. This is most evident in politics. Political advisors are precise to a science on analyzing opinions. Polling results then are used to direct the content of speeches, stands, and ultimately determine policy. In this way, majority rules through pure democracy. What the majority of people believe, or even want, can determine the direction and destiny of a country or culture.


Father Forgive Us

So much attention has been on the persecution of Christians and others in Iraq recently. Yet, in every church that I have visited lately, unless I request prayer for persecuted Christians around the world, there is no prayer offered for them. Lest you think that I have been an ardent prayer warrior for our brothers and sisters around the world, it is only because of news reports of the atrocities against Christians and other people in Iraq that I raise this flag. Before the recent media coverage, I gave little thought to this need. Yet, when something even of meager importance happens to me, my family, or my friends, I expect people to faithfully march to the throne of God on my behalf.